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Susan had long heard stories about a phantom nurse wondering the halls of ‘River Regional Hospital’ the large medical complex had been the center of the medical community of Vicksburg since the early 90’s. When upon its completion it replaced the aging ‘Mercy Hospital’ a Roman Catholic Hospital that was run and staffed by the ’Sisters of Mercy’.

One such rumor was of a nurse, who had passed away of a heart attack one evening. Her ghost was said to now roam the hospital, not to do harm or anything to those still living. But to provided aid and comfort the suffering and sooth the dying. She was also known to take naughty little children over her lap.

Such rumors had been laying on her mind for the better part of her stay on the third floor or the ’Children’s section’ as it was called by all. The change sudden change in the weather had been more than her overworked body could handle. And a sudden bout of the flu had blown her down. And as a result she found herself spending the Halloween holiday in the hospital.

Though through the grace of her doctor, she was allowed to spend the fable evening of October thirty first in bed, munching upon pizza and candy while watching reruns of ’Ghost Adventures’ and ’A Haunting’ on the T.V provided for her by the hospital staff. Once the evening sun had set, and the first signs of frost where appearing upon her window though she was told to call it a night by the nurse on watch.

Well, you can’t expect a young teenager to lay silent in her bed, not after watching hours upon hours of ghost drama unfolding before her very eyes, and lets not forget her vein’s where popping with sugar. The end result was well, lets say her idea of trying to pop down to the morgue did not turn out as she thought it would.

(Commissioned From :iconblackroseseduction:

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September 24, 2015
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